Thursday, March 8, 2012

I woke this morning

I woke this morning to what sounded very much like the patter of little feet coming across the hardwood floor.  We have become accustomed to that sound in the last month as our beautiful little 2 year old grand daughter would rise early in the morning and come to our bed room door to seek admittance.  Each morning she would raise her arms to "paw" and be welcomed into bed with Granny and Paw where she would cuddle and rest for a few more minutes before telling Paw to "come on!" and we would begin our morning activities of watching the birds come to the feeder for breakfast and preparing the pancake batter for our own breakfast.  Of course there was not patter of little feet.  Micayla, her sisters and her parents were in London England this morning, resting before completing their trip to India to begin their new work there with Beulah Ministries.

How good is God's Grace that he would give me the sound of her feet this morning and remind me that though they are traveling far from me, they are still at home in my heart.  I thank my many, many friend who have prayed for our family and who continue to pray for us during a bittersweet time of goodbyes.  How blessed we are that our children have heard God's call on their lives and have responded in Faith.  We know that there is no safer place in all of creation than in God's perfect will.  We trust them to his care but we reserve the humanly selfish right to miss them and to weep from time to time when we are reminded of the beautiful gift that they have been in our lives.

I woke this morning to the sound of the patter of little feet and thanked God for his many wonderful gifts and mercies.  I pray that you will be blessed this day with a memory that warms your heart and melts it at the same time.