Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just an ordinary man, Elijah

Got to play golf on Monday, January 16.  The weather was an incredible 61 degrees with a wind out of the southwest.  I shot my best score of the new year.  (it was my first score of the new year)  After the last two winters of snow and cold, this is a remarkable January.  Hope you have time to enjoy the blessings of warm winter days.l

Preaching out of 1 Kings 19 this week.  It is part of the incredible story of Elijah, one of the greatest of the Old Testament Prophets.  You will remember him from our reading through the scriptures in 2011, but if you need to brush up on him, you will find him in 1 Kings 17-19 and mentioned in the New Testament in the Book of James.  He does some mighty miracles, but James says that he was a man, just like us.  Isn't that incredible good news that good uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary!  I am reminded by Elijah's story that God is in the business of using cracked pots to carry sacred water and all that needs to be done is to yield our brokenness to his Holy Spirit. 

Have you seen God at work in abundant ways lately?  Maybe you haven't yielded yourself to him?  What needs to be surrendered in order that God might bring rain on a dry land or that holy fire might descend to burn up the evil of our age?  Hope to see you in church on Sunday.  Maybe we can spend a moment at the altar together.....surrendering our ordinariness to God for his extraordinary use.

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