Tuesday, November 16, 2010

getting ready

This is exciting.....learning to blog.....I can almost feel the power.  My thanks to Zack Zimmerman for creating the blog and teaching me how to access it and to Jennifer Bell for assuring me that she will remember my password and hold my hand while I become comfortable with this new (to me) technology.

Faith is such an exciting place.  Just this month we packed 236 Christmas shoeboxes to be distributed by Samaritan's Purse, supplied sweet potatoes, dressing, condensed milk + several turkeys for 108 Thanksgiving food baskets and collected a pick up load of winter coats for distribution at one of the downtown shelters.  God is good and part of his goodness is found in the generosity of the folks that he has gathered together at Faith.

Now we are entering the Christmas season with cantatas, children's Christmas programs, Christmas Eve services, Advent bible studies, watch night programs and all of that wonderful stuff of this wonderful season.  I get goose bumps thinking about all of the beauty and the possibilities.

And the purpose for the creation of this blog, that we would covenant together to read through the Bible in 2011 and talk to each other about what we are learning.  I am praying that a significant part of the church will walk with us in this new initiative and that God will do even greater things through us as we yield ourselves to his word, his will and his way in the year that lies ahead.

Tell me what your are thinking.

God bless you,

Pastor Dave


  1. I have to correct your number of shoeboxes because it's such a great thing - 336 shoeboxes were packed!
    I'm a first time blogger and am excited to see how this site will be used. God has given Pastor Dave the skills to post on here, so ANYTHING is possible through Him!

  2. Dont forget about the coats! weather is still pretty good now, but just looked into my closet and found 3 coats that I forgot about (goes to show how much I use them)- someone somewhere can use them - love the donation - Tax time around the corner

  3. What about gloves. I was shocked when I cleaned out the closet and found so many pairs of gloves. Even more shocking the deeper I dug I was able to find all the matching pairs!

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  5. Love our family at Faith! Can't wait to walk through the Bible with you all. I need the accountability I hope to find here to stay on track. I'm looking forward to being part of this! Thank you, Pastor, for urging us to grow deeper.

  6. Picked up my 'read through the Bible schedule' yesterday. So anxious to start! (Almost did start last night...afraid that I'm gonna get behind & give up. Want to read along & really be part of the group more than I want to be the overachiever this time. There is hope for me yet.)