Friday, December 31, 2010


Interesting thing in the 2nd chapter of Genesis; God created man from the creation, that is from the dust of the earth, something that God spoke into being; but then he added his breath and that separated this part of the creation from all the rest.  All of creation came to be because God spoke it into being, but mankind (man & woman) came to life because God gave part of himself to give it (no longer an it) life.  How much like that was the Easter story when again God gave a part of himself (Jesus) to give mankind life eternal.  Just a thought as I read from our 1st day's assignment.  Anything strike you as interesting?


  1. One of the things that strikes me most about the first three chapters of Genesis, is all of the things that happen, happen simply because of the voice of God. Imagine the power in the words God spoke.

    Additionally, the fact that we exist, you and I, because of the Breath of God. That's a powerful and awesome thought in and of itself.

    On a final note, something that I had heard before, but didn't remember where it was, is the fact that rain never fell on the earth (until later the flood with Noah), but rather it welled up from the ground.

  2. I had always thought Adam and Eve were the first humans. I noticed in Gen 1:27 that God created human beings (male and female) in His image. Then after the seventh day of rest, He created a man (Gen 2:7). He then said the man should have a helper in Gen 2:18 (Gen 2:20 - none found). It was then that God made woman out of man in Gen 2:22-23. The first mention of Adam's name wasn't until Gen 3:17, then Adam names Eve in Gen 3:20.

    One other thing I want to explore is that after the fall, in Gen 3:16, God says to the woman that her desire would be for her husband, and that he will rule over her. I thought husband and wife were to be equally submissive to one another. Comments? Anyone? Where is the other passage?

  3. Rachel, I think that the second chapter of Genesis was a more detailed writing of the creation of animals & man / woman.

    husbands & wives ~ Ephesians 5:21-23, Colossians 3:18-19, 1 Peter 3

    I think it's pretty neat that words "very good" don't appear until after He created man. It confirms we are His favorite part of creation.

  4. Found that even though his most precious creation (Man) disappointed him, he only punished him. He could have destroyed it all right then and there and started over. But like any good and loving parent, he punished and watched his children grow. We have disappointed our Father over and over and still he loves and forgives us.

  5. ronda it is interesting that in later chapters he did decide to destroy all except for Noah his family and Ark. His love shines through to those he feels is deserve it. God is almighty and all forgiving but yet he still has expectations for us, again just like any good parent.