Friday, December 31, 2010

I am jumping the gun just a little, sitting here at home on New Year's Eve waiting for Patty to say that it is time to go to church for the watch party.  So here goes....In the beginning....a very good place to start.  I hope that this exercise in bible reading will bear great fruit for the kingdom something that is very good.  Very good is kind of the theme of God's creation.  Each day (whatever that was) when God had included his work, he pronounced it to be very good!  Wouldn't that be a marvelous way to live our lives, that at the end of each day we could look back on the events of our day and say, "that was good"!  I think that God intended for us to live our lives in a way that produced good as we shepherd and have Christian dominion over all that God has given us charge over.

God has given us these Holy scriptures and as we spend a little time in them in 2011, our prayer will be that God will do a mighty creation work in us; that we, the people of Faith will become good and out of his goodness will do good in the name of the great I Am.

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