Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2 Samuel 19-21

David has won and the rebellion of Absalom has been defeated but in the victory comes the death of David's son Absalom.  He mourns with the heart of a father that has been broken.  David's soldiers and loyalists see his mourning and it prevents them from rejoicing in the victory.  David is rebuked by his general Joab.  There is pain in victory sometimes and we must be careful not to allow the pain to keep us from the joy that God intends.  This story is much like an allegory.  David is the rightful king, a man anointed by God, used by God, a man after God's own heart.  Absalom rebels and leads Israel into the rebellion.  This is satan at his worst as the world falls victim to the lies of the chief rebel and they are led in rebellion against the King (God/Jesus).  There are casualties in war and we are in a war....a war that has eternal implications.  We must rejoice in the victories and give thanks to God that we are equipped for the abundant life.  There will be sorrow, there will be some temporary defeats, we may lose a friend or two, but we must defend the rightful possessor of the Throne and that would be King Jesus!!

Israel is divided into two camps.  Judah has remained loyal to David while the 10 northern tribes had followed Absalom in the rebellion.  What should they do now that their leader has been conquered?  Shimei shows the proper response.  Remember him who cursed David as he fled Jerusalem for his life?  Now he approaches the conquering king and prostrates himself on the ground and begs for forgiveness.  He knows that he is undeserving but he puts himself at the mercy of David and David spares his life.  Can you see the similarities? Jesus is the conquering King.....one day every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess.  We are not worthy, but God has promised that every sinner who confesses before God will be saved the fate of a sinner by the blood of Jesus.  Hallelujah what a Savior!!

And a further correlation is found in this story.  David will not return as king of Israel unless he is welcomed to do so by those who have rebelled.  We have rebelled against our Creator God.  We have sinned and obeyed the chief liar.  God desires to be king of our lives but he will not enter in unless invited.  God does not force himself upon us....he is a gentleman God and will only take control of your heart at your invitation.  Invite him now!  Such an invitation means a future in Glory!  The symbolism continues as David crosses the Jordan into a land of milk and honey blessed by God.  That is the promise that God offers to us if we will be faithful to the one that he has crowned as king of kings and Lord of Lords.  Our faithfulness will be rewarded when we, too, will one day cross over the figurative Jordan to a land that is fairer than anything that we can imagine....a land of milk and honey.

The story continues of the struggle that we face in a world that seems to be in constant rebellion as Sheba rebels against David and leads the 10 northern tribes into disobedience.  David again subdues the rebellion but this is a foreshadowing of the rebellion that will come with Solomon's sons and Israel will be divided into the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Judah and Israel.  There is a very good reason why the Apostle Paul preaches unity to all Christians.  Without unity we are much easier prey for the one who would keep us from the richness of our Savior.

The weatherman is promising that Springtime is close.  I'm looking forward to some warmer days.  I hope that your heart is warmed as you read these marvelous God inspired scriptures.  Have a most blessed day.

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  1. These daily posts are such an encouragement to me in my walk through the Bible. I’m falling more in love with the Word of God everyday. What a great and mighty God we serve! Longsuffering and compassionate, holy and just is He.

    Thank you for your faithfulness in this endeavor. Praying for you & Patty as you continue to spur us on to a closer relationship with our King Jesus.