Friday, March 25, 2011

2 Samuel 5-7

David Ascends to the throne of all of Israel at the age of 30.  He was probably anointed by Samuel at somewhere around the age of 12.  He has spent the last 15-18 years of his life preparing to become King.  He rules Israel for 40 years.

David takes Jerusalem from the Jebusites and makes it his capital city.  It is known throughout the bible as the city of David.  This is an important move on David's part as he prepares to centralize Israel's government.  Later the same will be done with the building of the Jerusalem Temple which will make Jerusalem the center of worship as well.

David defeats the Philistines and brings peace to Israel.  It is important to note that David consults with God before making his military moves.  Note, too, the movement of the Holy Spirit in this campaign (see it it the passage about the angels in the tree tops?)  We would be wise to note the movement of God's spirit around us as well.  To be aligned with God's Holy Spirit (one part of the trinity) means to be at one with God's purpose and that is a very good place to be.

A palace (made of cedar) is built for David and he wants to bring the ark of the covenant to the capital city.  He goes to Kiriath Jearim where the Ark had been kept during Saul's reign.  He builds a new cart to move the ark on.  This is a mistake.  Remember that the Ark was built to be carried on poles and was transported across the wilderness, the Jordan and around Jericho in that manner.  When the Ark shifts on the cart and Uzzah reaches out to steady it, he is struck dead.  David fears that he has displeased God and stops the movement of the Ark. 

Later David returns to continue the movement of the Ark to Jerusalem.  He sacrifices before the Ark and to the shouts of his people and the sounds of trumpets David dances before the Lord as the Ark continues its journey to Jerusalem.  Mical, David's wife considers his dancing to be a disgrace and she tells him so, but David is not deterred, his dance is a celebration of God's goodness.  We should be less worried about what the world thinks of our worship and celebration and more unrestrained in our expression of joy when we are in the midst of praises of God.  God inhabits the praises of his people and there should be shouts of joy whenever we are in the presence of God's holy spirit.  The city and all of Israel celebrates the return of the ark to the midst of Israel.

David wants to build a proper temple for the ark instead of the tent that it rests in.  God, through the prophet Nathan, tells him that the ark has been at home in a tent for 400 years since the days of Moses and David will not be allowed to build a grander structure for the Ark.  But God also reveals that he is pleased with David and the house of David will continue forever.  This is a prediction that the Savior will come from the line of David.  David's son Solomon will later be allowed to build the grand temple that becomes the home for the Ark

The psalm of praise found in chapter 7 contains a question that reminds us of David's humility and why God has chosen him because of his heart.  "who am I that you have chosen me?"  David acknowledges that he is more blessed than he deserves.  We should all consider how blessed we are and that realization should drive us to our knees in thanksgiving at God's goodness that he would consider us worthy of his presence and his blessing.

Hope today is a day of blessing for you and that you find someway and some time to make a little difference for God in the world around you.

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