Thursday, August 11, 2011

Isaiah 33, Be Gracious unto us

It is a beautiful August 11 and Patty and I are taking our grand daughters to the zoo.  In the last several years we have celebrated the 1st day of school with the girls with some special activity, but this year we will be away in Montana attending a wedding and will not be able to continue our tradition.  The zoo will have to do.  It is a beautiful day for the zoo.

The world is a crazy, mixed up, broken place.  There are so many things wrong that it would drive you nuts to think about them.  The words of Isaiah 33 are helpful, even encouraging. "O Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you.  Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress."

When things go wrong as they often do, isn't it a wonderful thing to ponder the graciousness, the grace of God?  He is our strength in times of our own personal weakness.  I am so grateful that I do not have to be responsible for fixing all that is wrong around me; I only need to follow God's leading and be available for the little bit that he calls me to.  Even in that, I do not necessarily be smart or strong or super spiritual; God will supply all of that, all I need do is be available.

I don't know what today will bring; stock market crash, spiraling oil prices, unnecessary deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq, children starving, weather disruption....O Lord, be gracious unto us.  God is good, he has a plan......can we be obedient to him today and allow his strength to minister to our weakness?  It can make all the difference.

Praying that your day is filled with blessing, so much that it spills into the lives of others.

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