Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home again

Patty and I have had a most delightful time vacationing in the Savannah/Hilton Head area for the last 10 days.  We have toured the antebellum streets of Savannah, walked the river walk, toured some of the historic homes, played golf and walked the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.  We head home today and look forward to being with a portion of our family for a few weeks before they begin their mission to India.  On Saturday morning I will be speaking at the First Baptist Church of Oak Grove as part of a 2 day Men's Prayer Retreat.  I would ask your prayers that God would give me a word and use me to help the 200 men who will gather to grow in their prayer life and walk with God.  I will be speaking about the power of prayer.

As Patty and I walked the seashore I was struck at the power of this mighty ocean to change the shore line moment by moment with its powerful tides and waves.  Every moment something knew was being brought to shore and something old was being remade.  And then I thought of the Psalmist who said our God holds these powerful, earth shaping oceans in the palm of his hand and I was humbled at the image of God's continuing ability to recreate all things.  He has set the Earth in motion and created these great forces with the word of his mouth and he is able to do all things in heaven and on earth.  What could we imagine that he could not do?

The world is filled with terror and anxiety.  We worry about the price of gas and what will happen to our ability to get from here to there.  We worry about the political tenor of our nation and who will be able to lead us through the mine field of political rhetoric.  We worry about nuclear power in the hands of those who do not fear its potential consequences for global destruction.  We worry for our children and our children's children.  How much better would our time be spent if we sought God's peace and purpose and acted out of the love that he has for his creation.  He has the power to make all things new again.  Let us pray that he will reshape our hearts and give us courage to act out of that love.

Looking forward to being home and greeting you in the love of Jesus.

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