Tuesday, February 14, 2012

no greater love

Greater love has no one than this, that he would lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13

It is Valentine's Day and I hope that you remembered (not too late) to do something special for those that you love.  The story of Valentine and his desire to celebrate love during a brutal time in the history of humanity is a great story of living to a higher ideal.  Christianity is all about that higher ideal....loving something and someone bigger than ourselves.

God calls us to first love him with all our heart, soul and strength and then to love our brothers (and sisters) as we might love ourselves.  To love God is to love all that he is and that includes his creation that he declared to be good.  Humanity is an important part of that creation and that part which was created in his image.  We cannot declare ourselves to be Christian if we are not busily about the business of loving (and caring) for each other.

Part of our problem with loving each other is that we have forgotten how to define love.  Popular culture has twisted the word and illustrated its meaning is some very unchristian kinds of ways.  Love, pure love, the kind of love that God calls us to is unselfish and always seeking the best interest of others.  So, my Christian friends, this is my challenge to you today on this St. Valentine's day.  Love someone unselfishly......in fact seek the best interest of others today before considering yourself.  See if unselfish love doesn't have a uniquely wonderful blessing.  One that the rest of the world may not have yet discovered.

Praying that your life is filled to overflowing with giving and receiving the kind of love that God declares to be "very good".

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