Monday, April 18, 2011

1 Chronicles 14-16

The story of David is important to the writer of Chronicles.  It was David that God blessed in the establishment of the nation of Israel.  It was David that the writer wants the exiles to identify with.  David is given much attention in the Chronicles and much of the material is a repeated story that we have already read in Samuel.  But there are some points that ought to be emphasized.

In the 14th chapter we see a point of emphasis; when David seeks counsel with the Lord he is victorious.  We too often wait until we are in trouble and then ask God to save us from the consequences of our decisions.  How much better it would be if we sought counsel before starting on a journey or making a big decision.

Secondly, notice when David decides it is time to attack the Philistines.  He senses God's presence and hears him at work in the treetops.  At that moment he presses in seeking the victory.  When we sense God at work, that is the time for us to push in and make advances against the enemy.  When God is in the house.....the light is green for those who follow him to make strides and inroads against the enemy.  Don't sit back waiting for God to deliver the miracle, get up and get busy and be a part of that miracle.

David brings the ark to the city of Jerusalem.  Unlike the failed attempt, this time everyone who is part of the moving is sanctified.  Time is set aside to consult with God and to prepare those who are participating in the move.  Singers, dancers, people to play the lyre, the cymbals, the trumpets and the harps are gathered.  A great worshipful band is assembled to accompany the ark with songs of highest praise for God.  David expresses his great joy with abandon.  That abandonment in worship and celebration pleases God.  We need not hide our tears or our laughter when they are the result of our worshipful interaction with the most high God.  Our emotional response to God's goodness is part of our worship and thanksgiving.

David's Psalm of thanks is found scattered through a number of the Psalms, but for now just hear the words...."Give thanks to the on his name.....make known is marvelous deeds." of these verbs call us to action in praising and telling of the marvelous goodness of our God.

He is the Lord....he is our God!  Our good is that!
Let the heavens rejoice...let the earth be glad...let the sea resound....let the fields be jubilant........let the trees of the forest sing....All of creation praises God and so should we!!!  We should give thanks because God is good; and his love endures forever!

It is the Easter season and the proof of God's goodness is all around us.  That goodness should inspire our songs of praise and the deeds of our lives.  Come on Christian.....speak the good news of God Almighty......Jesus saves...Jesus saves.

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