Friday, April 22, 2011

1 Chronicles 26-28

David continues to order the life of the temple that is yet to be built and his kingdom:
Gatekeepers are appointed.  these men have responsibility for the safety and security of the temple and those who enter (think ushers, greeters, etc.).  Remember that it was forbidden for someone who was unclean to enter so their task was more than saying hello to those who came to Temple.

He appointed overseers of the treasury to insure that all which was given to God would be appropriately cared for and dispersed.  Fiduciary responsibility has been important long before there were banks and the FDIC.  We are caretakers of God's great world.  We will be held accountable for that which God has intrusted to us for the use of his kingdom.  Pray that we will be good stewards in all things.

David's 12 divisions of his army are interesting.  Each tribe is responsible for the security of the nation 1 month of the year.  Each tribe has 24,000 trained soldiers at the ready. 12 x 24,000 = 284,000 trained soldiers in the time of a national emergency without going to the expense of so vast a standing army.  David was a great military leader without breaking the nation's bank.

In addition, David had other overseers to insure that Israel was productive and continued to be a "land of milk and honey".  He appointed wise and talented men to oversee the farming, the vineyards, the olive groves, the herds of camels, donkeys and other flocks.  All of the nation was blessed by the wise use of the nations resources.

Finally, as David nears the end of his life, he calls the nation together and he passes the baton of leadership to Solomon.  He calls upon all of the nation's leadership to be careful to obey all that God had commanded them.  He tells his son, Solomon, to know the God of his father and to serve him only.  He gives the plans for the temple to his son.  Isn't that a wonderful legacy for David?  Even though God had not allowed him to build the temple, he did everything necessary to insure that Solomon would be successful as a builder.  He surrounded him with resources and wise men who could assist him to be the great king that God called him to be.  And then he gave him a great piece of advice that would serve as as well, "be strong and of good courage."  We serve the same God that blessed David and if we are obedient to that which God has commanded of us, we too, will be blessed.  So, good people of Faith, be strong and of good courage, be obedient to the word of God that is being planted in your heart.  Serve faithfully and confidently.  Our God is for us and none can can stand against him.

Blessings to you this Easter season!!! 

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