Saturday, April 23, 2011

1 Chronicles 29-2 Chronicles 2

Much of what we are reading is a parallel account to what we previously read in 1 Kings.  But let me highlight a couple of things.

David tells the people of Israel that the work of building the temple is a GREAT work not because of its size or its grandeur but because it is for the Lord and the Lord is a great God.  The house of worship built for him must be something never seen before.  to this end he gives vast amounts that he has accumulated from those that he has conquered.  This is added to great amounts that he has in his personal treasury.  Then, because he knows that if this is to a temple for the people, he asks who will join him in this great endeavor.  The scripture says that the people offered vast resources for this great work as well.

David offers a mighty prayer of Thanksgiving to God.  Note in the middle that he confesses his belief that God is pleased when his people operate out of sense of integrity.  As he ends his prayer he asks that God will grant that his son will have loyal heart and serve the Lord as had his father.  As we move forward into the story of Solomon and the repeated revelation of God granting great wisdom to Solomon, let me suggest That perhaps Solomon suffered from both a lack of loyalty to God and integrity.

You only catch a glimpse of it in these beginning chapters but it accumulates as he grows older.  Note his passion for have a great stable of horses and that he imports horses from Egypt.  Listen to God's directions to future kings that we read in Deuteronomy 17:16 The king must not acquire great numbers of horses for himself.  Is this the beginning of Solomon's failure.  Does his trading with Egypt lead to his liaison and marriage with an Egyptian wife and then to other foreign wives.

Sorry to short on my post, but Easter is almost here and I need to make sure that I am ready in the morning.  I hope to see you at one of our celebration services.  If you can't make it, the sermon is about one of the great truths of all times......Jesus lives!!!  God Bless You as your celebrate the goodness of our God.  Remember....God does value the integrity of our lives.

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