Saturday, April 16, 2011

1 Chronicles 6-8

More genealogy with a couple of things to take notice of.  First the genealogy of Levi and Aaron.  The writer of the Chronicles is probably Ezra who is a priest and he takes more time and space to delineate the priestly line.  This is also important to the exiles as they return.  Babylon is in charge of the government, but the priests can maintain a spiritual and personal order.  Reestablishing the priests is important to the history, the culture and the future.  remember that the tribe of Levi had no ancestral allotment.  They were scattered throughout the 12 tribes to be a constant reminder of the presence of God.  So should we be as well as we seek to be salt, light and yeast to a world that is atilt and cannot right itself until God is back on the throne.

Note that David also installed temple musicians.  Music is an important part of worship.  it speaks to the hearts of many.  A thing that is harmonious reminds us that God calls us to harmonious living.  Asaph and Heman are listed in this genealogy.  They will be mentioned other times in the Chronicles and in the Psalms illustrating that their gift of music was important in the Temple worship.  Our songs of praise should be sung and played as gifts to God and as a blessing to those who hear. 
Sing a new Song unto the Lord.  Lift your voices in praise to the God most High!

The cities of refuge are listed again, perhaps with the intention that they will continue to be places where comfort, solace and safety can be found.

It is a great day and tomorrow is the sabbath.  I hope you will be present to hear the Choir's Easter tribute.  It promises to be another great time of blessing for a people called Faith.  I look forward to seeing you.   God bless you in all of your endeavors.

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