Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do you wonder? Job 35-37

Job is struggling to understand what God is doing?  Have you ever wondered?  Do you suppose the folks who have been struck by tornado and flood are wondering?  Could some of us feel very much like Job is feeling?

Elihu, Job's young friend continues to berate Job.  He seems to be speaking as though he has some inside knowledge, that he has sat at the right hand of God.  In fact, he speaks with such confidence, one might think that he is speaking for God.  Any time you hear some one with such a Pompous attitude, you might move back a little.  No mortal man (or woman) has such an intimate understanding of God's ways as to be able to speak irrefutably for the Most High God.

Elihu insists that God rewards the obedient and the disobedient will perish.  I don't disagree, but their is too much evidence in this world to believe that the rewards and banishment will happen in the human lifetime.  We see evil winning too many battles and the greedy living to comfortable a life to believe that righteous living will always have its reward in this lifetime in this broken world.  Justice will win and righteousness will have its reward, but our understanding of that statement takes a much longer view than the span of a generation or two or three.  Israel dwelt in exile in Egypt for 400 years before God sent Moses to lead them out of bondage.  Should we believe that all of those who died as slaves where receiving compensation for their sin.

Elihu thinks that Job needs a great big dose of God's greatness and I don't doubt that we should all stand still for a little while every day and consider the wondrous works of God in every season.  Even today, in the midst of storm sirens and tornado warnings, to view the heavens is to remember that there are things that man cannot fully understand.  There are powers beyond our comprehension.  There is a God who rules from another demension and we cannot know all that he is doing when he removes his hand of protection and allows the forces of nature to rule the moment.  We must be a people of faith, walking in faith and doing all that we can to live righteously and in love; doing all that we can to love our neighbor, aid the widow and orphan and glorifying God with our words and our deeds.

Job is about to have a conversation with his Creator.  Have you talked to him today.  Find a quiet place and listen for God.....he might have something very significant for you today.

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