Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My refuge is in the Lord! Psalm 11-13

David is the author of these 3 short psalms that contain both praise and lament.

David declares his strength and refuge in time of distress, "In the Lord I take refuge!"  He recognizes that the wicked seem to have the upper hand at times, but speaks of his confidence that one day judgment will come to the wicked and righteous men will see the face of God.  Can you imagine what David is saying in that last statement?  Moses was not allowed to see the face of God.  Even those chosen by God to good works cannot stand fully before God's holiness, but David declares that one day the righteous will see his face.  That is a glorious declaration that we who trust in the Lord will be made whole one day, that the sin that we must constantly repent of, that the love that we desire but do only haltingly will one day be perfected and we will stand in God's perfection before a perfect God.  What can we say to the thought of such a miraculous work except Thanks be to God for his wonderful works!

David repeats his question of earlier psalms when he asks, "how long, O Lord?"  All of us who seek to be obedient to God must have asked that question sometime.  It seems that the wicked gain ground and the widow and orphan are continuously abused.  "How long, O Lord?"  But then comes the faithful statement, "lying lips will profit for a time, but the word of God (and its promises) will endure for eternity."  Lying, deceit, cheating, stealing, dishonesty may have its 15 minutes, but God will avenge the righteous and our Faith will be made whole.  So for as long as you have breath, do as David did and take refuge in the Lord.  He will not fail you.

Patty and I will be heading to Annual Conference in Springfield later this week.  Duane Rathbun will be in the pulpit.  I hope that you will come to support him as he speaks about what God is revealing to him.  Have a blessed week!!

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