Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Know that my Redeemer lives; Job 18-23

Job's friends continue to assail him about unconfessed sin.  Their arguments are very much like those that we might hear today.  The joy of the wicked is fleeting.  Your troubles are the result of unconfessed sin.  God restores blessing to the good and rebukes the wicked.  Job asks the same question of his friends that we may have asked of God; why do the wicked prosper?  Whey are the righteous oppressed?  These are questions that hound us.  How often have I heard good people question God's presence when they have lived lives that are humanly righteous and yet bad things happen; bad health, financial difficulty, loss of loved ones prematurely.  Is this not Lot's question; where is God when evil assails the good.  and yet Lot speaks one of the profound truths of Christendom when he says in 18:25 "I know that my redeemer lives and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.  After my skin has been destroyed I will see him!"  That is our hope with every unanswered question, our redeemer liveth and one day he will stand and every question will be answered, every tear will be dried, every secret will be revealed.  Justice will pour down like rain and mercy will be in abundant supply and the righteous shall reign forever.

The story of Job is our story.  Illness abounds, cancer comes, death stalks us.  As Paul says so eloquently, "the evil I would not, I do and the good that I would, I do not do.  Who can save me from my sin?"  The answer is the same for us as it was for Job.  Our redeemer lives and we trust in him.  though the world seems upside down today, one day, all will be restored and we will be at rest in the Glory of the God in whom we put our trust.

It is a good day to love the Lord.  I trust that this will be a blessed day for you.

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