Friday, May 20, 2011

Though he slay me, Job 12-17

Job continues to have a dialogue with his friends (?) Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar.  His chief complaint against his friends is their lack of compassion.  He is grateful for their presence but their criticism illustrates a sense of misunderstanding regarding Job's condition.  We could learn a lesson from their example as we minister to one another.

Job practices a speech that he would make to God if God would hear him.  How silly to think that God is not present in every moment. Our understanding of God's omnipresence and omniscience means that God knows our thoughts before we think them.  He knows our motives in our every action.  This means that he knows our sin before we commit them.  Our only hope is that his mercy will, indeed, go before us and make a way where our unrighteousness would not otherwise allow us to enter.

Martin Luther struck a blow for all of Christendom when we parroted Paul's proclamation that we are saved by faith alone.  Job speaks of this and tells us what will get him through this seeming oppression and great emotional depression when he says, "though he slay me yet will I trust him."  It is this unwavering hope that we have, this Faith in the goodness of our God, that will make a way when there seems no way.  When everything around us in shambles, when the tsunami has done its worst, yet I will trust that God has a plan for me and I can trust that the plan is for my good, that there will yet be blessing in the storm of life.  God save us from our refusal to hope in the righteousness of our Creator.

Unrelated to Job, I see in the papers that someone is creating a stir with his end times predictions.  I would remind you that Jesus said, "No man can know the day or hour."  I trust in Jesus, but even if tomorrow were to be the end, and it will for some part of humanity, I trust in the grace of God.  We who are dead in Christ will also be raised with Christ to immortality.  That is the promise of God for all who believe in the work of God through Christ Jesus on the cross.  I have no fear of tomorrow, my God has already sealed me for eternity through the blood of my Savior.  Tomorrow will be a great day! 

I am looking forward to Sunday and a celebration of our high school graduates.  Hope you will be their to pray for their future good works.

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