Thursday, July 14, 2011

Being Righteous......Proverbs, part III

The book of Proverbs is full of Godly wisdom, advice on how to live righteously and in so doing, honor God.  As I mentioned previously, these bits of wisdom do not come with guarantees, the world is a broken place and our enemy is always seeking to derail our best efforts.  Evil does sometimes seem to have the upper hand, but operating out of the wisdom that God has given us gives us the best chance at a blessed, God-honoring, life worth imitating, putting our trust in the Lord lifestyle.

There is much said in the Proverbs about living righteously.  As and example 10:24 says that  what the righteous desire will be granted.  Again, this is not a guarantee, but consider that if we ask with a righteous heart, then what we ask is most likely in the will of God and the will of God will always prevail.  We may ask without seeking, but God is at work accomplishing his will.  The key is developing a righteousness that allows us to see and to ask with a pure heart.  This advice should also make us a much more hopeful people.  We know that God loves and cares for the sheep of his pasture.  If we are working toward the same end that God is working, we can be assured that God is on our side.

One who is guided by a desire for righteousness cares about the same things that God cares about.  We should be concerned about God's creation.  That makes us aware of the things that are going on around us that are harmful to the earth and its inhabitants.  Pollution, wasteful use of resources, practices that endanger wildlife all would be areas that we would be active in.  12:10 says, "a righeous man cares for the needs of his animal."We were given dominion over all the earth in the creation and to practice dominion in a Christian way means to manage in a Christlike way to insure that their is sufficiency for all.

Likewise we will care about the poor, the widow and the orphan.  It is impossible to read much of the Bible without concluding that God cares intensely for those who have little.  Violence and gain that comes at the expense of the weak and the poor will eventually draw the ire of God.  Those who live righteously will be found laboring side by side with the poor, seeking justice and sufficiency for them.

11:23 tells us that "the desire of the righteous ends only in good."  Can you measure your words and deeds by what you believe to be the outcome?  Only that which results in good honors God.  Hurtful words, selfish deeds cannot be found in the heart of a righteous person.  Let us live righteously, seeking always to honor God and to love all that he loves.

Sunday is coming.  Hope to see you on the Sabbath.

Faith serves is going to Della Lamb for a service project on Sunday.  If you are interested in going, meet Kim Compton at the church at 9:00 a.m.

The Youth group is sponsoring a Missions Car Wash from 10-2 on Saturday.  Stop by and get a car cleaning.

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