Friday, July 15, 2011

By wisdom a house is built.....proverbs, part 4

Bible School is nearly concluded for this year.  I think it had a record breaking attendance.  The teachers were awesome and the students ready to learn.  Tonight is their program.  It will be a delight to all who attend.  I hope you are able to do so.  It begins at 7 p.m.  An hour in church on a hot Friday evening would be a good, good way to begin your weekend.

One of our church ladies has undergone shoulder surgery and will be coming home soon.  She lives alone and we will try to have someone available to her each day while she recovers.  Some of you have already said yes to my begging and I am grateful to each one of you.  If you would have a few hours any day in the next week to sit with someone who is healing, would you be kind enough to give me a call and tell me of your availability.  Thanks in advance for your kindness.

Early in the proverbs we are made to understand that wisdom begins when we acknowledge who God is.  Much of this book then tells us how we may operate out of this wisdom to build lives that are based upon Godly wisdom.  This is a great book to read devotionally.  It  is interesting that this book has 31 chapters as do 1/2 of the months in the year.  Hmmm......a chapter a day, I suspect a diet of the Proverbs for a few months would make each of us wiser.

Some of the proverbs in the later chapters include such adages as: "Do not withhold discipline from a child", Do not let your heart envy sinners", Keep your heart on the right path, Do not join those who drink too much wine, listen to your father and do not despise your mother."  All of these are wise sayings and principles that will help us to grow in Godly wisdom.

I particularly like what 24:3-4 has to tell us, "by wisdom a house is built,
and through understanding it is established;
through knowledge its rooms are filled
with rare and beautiful treasures."

The writer is, of course, speaking of the home rather than a physical dwelling place.  The home is established, maintained, expanded, passed from generation to generation when we build it upon the wisdom of God.  How are we to love in the family?  How are to mutually submit?  What does God tell us about raising our children?  How do we interact with the world?  What is our responsibility for our neighbor?  Do we owe allegiance to civil authorities?  Does God require our involvement in the church?  Is there biblical instruction for dealing with extended family?  The Bible is a book filled with wisdom teaching, not the wisdom of the world, but the wisdom of the one who created us with a plan and a purpose.  We are especially designed, gifted for accomplishment.  The Book explains God's design and to alter his plan is to play with fire.

By God's wisdom a home is established that will stand against the tests of a broken world.  It is in searching for God's wisdom and living in its principles that we will be transformed into the image of Christ.  It is yielding to God's will that we are made into rare and beautiful treasures.  Treasures that bless the world around us and treasures that will one day be transported into a most beautiful place, there to enjoy the fruit of paradise for an eternity.

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