Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Being wise, part II.....the Book of Proverbs

All of us want to be wise like the man who built his house upon the rock from the New Testament parable.  We want to act in ways that give us the best chance of success in all the facets of our lives.  We want to choose our friends wisely because they will be a source of encouragement and advice throughout our life.  We want to choose a spouse wisely, they will be our partner in life and one that we will share the most intimate feelings with.  We want to be wise in choosing our profession.....we will be working a large part of our life, we want to be able to live comfortable, provide for our families and feel like we are contributing to the well being of society.  We want to be wise as parents, to raise our families well that they will be productive and successful and happy and that they will be wise in their life's choices.  Wisdom is important.  The Proverbs is a source of wisdom, a book that is God-breathed and that has many general rules that, if wisely applied, will make us better children, parents, friends, employees, employers, neighbors, consumers, providers, etc.  It is a book that should be read from the perspective that it contains truths that are eternal and can provide a guideline for righteous and wise living.

The Bible names a number of wise people that are worthy of imitation in one way or another.  Examples include Joseph (after he learned to be humble) who prepared a nation to withstand a great famine and in so doing saved Israel as well.  Moses who learned how to organize and lead a nation and was used mightily by God to establish a nation.  Joshua, who observed Moses and learned many lessons and was able to lead Israel in the taking of the Promised Land.  David, who never forgot the source of his power and wisdom and who worshipped extravagantly.  Daniel, who was in touch with God and was a great problem solver.  The apostle Paul, who when converted to Christianity on the Damascus Road became a great instrument of salvation of a people who had not yet heard the story of Jesus.  He spent the rest of his life communicating the story to the Gentiles.  that wisdom has led to our salvation.

And Jesus who was wise as a youth, being found in the temple doing his Father's business and who was wise as a Savior, dying that the world might be set free from the burden of sin.  He was wise, of course, because he is the source of all knowledge and was present as the world and all its contents were formed.  It is the knowledge of Jesus that we seek.  That knowledge will guarantee our eternity and make us wise in this life and the next.

I hope that you enjoy reading the Proverbs.  Remember there are 6 things that the Lord hates, 7 that are detestable to him:  haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers. (Proverbs 6: 16-19)

May God bless your reading and you living this day.

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