Thursday, October 27, 2011

And all were healed....Mark 6:56b

Even as Jesus walked the shores of Galilee and did extraordinary things they wondered who this man was, but they did not doubt that miracles abounded in his presence and wherever he went they brought their sick knowing that to touch the hem of his cloak was to be healed.  Who was this Jesus?  The church did not know, the government leaders did not know, his family did not know, his neighbors did not know and even his disciples were still trying to figure it out; but everyone seemed to know that he was someone you wanted to be close to. 

The church officials wanted to be close to accuse and denounce.  Government folks wanted to be around to make sure that there was no treasonous activity involved in these growing crowds.  Regular folks wanted to be close because miracles happened when he was around.  Why would you want to be near a fellow like this Jesus?  Is there something that you need from this mysterious personage?  Have you some difficulty that will only be resolved in a supernatural way?  Jesus is much more than a physical healer, he offers contentment, assurances, rest, justice, satisfaction, peace.  There is probably much more, but you get the idea.  What is it that you need to be made whole?  You might look in a lot of places without finding your answer.  Could it be that the promise of Jesus as the way, the truth and the life is true?  Could it be that if you would just draw intimately near.......near enough to touch the hem of his garment, that you would find strength (power) for the living of your days?  When you are tired of looking in all the wrong places, why not try this promise that is made in the scriptures; walk with Jesus for awhile, lean on him and share his yoke.  See if his promises are true.  I'll bet my life that they are.

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