Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh you of little Faith.

How often have we doubted the promises of God.  He has promised to care for those who are his flock, the sheep of his pasture.  Are our doubts related to our failure to return God's love.  Is it that we doubt our faithfulness rather than God's?  But to think that God might disinherit us is still to doubt the constancy of his love, the guarantee of his covenant to us.  How awesome is our God whose faithfulness reaches beyond the generations and even forgives our unfaithfulness.  In our weakness he is made strong and that strength should renew our faith in the power of his promise. 

The story of Peter walking upon the water in Matthew 14 reminds us of the power that God has to do miraculous things in and through us, even to lift us beyond the limits of nature if that is his desire.  Peter walks on the water at Jesus command, but sinks beneath the waves when his faith in Jesus promises wanes.  How like that are we, in a moment we go from complete trust in what God has in store for us to doubting that he will even remember our name.  The doubt is an instrument of the deceiver who would want to think that God is not faithful in every situation

How true are the words of scripture.  How wonderful the words of the hymn: Great is they faithfulness, O God my Father; this is no shadow of turning with thee; thou changes not, they compassion they fail not; as thou has been, thou forever wilt be."  Good times and bad, in the storms of life as in the joy that we share; God is the same, he is faithful.  Can we trust in that?  Can we walk in that knowledge?

Praying that your week will be marked by your faithful walk.  Keep your eyes on Jesus and the stormy waters will fade.  God is good, all the time!

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