Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Kingdom of Heaven is like....

Matthew 20 tells the parable of the workers and the vineyard.  The owner of the vineyard goes into town at various times to hire more workers to complete the harvest.  When the work is done all are paid the same wage.  Some of those who worked the longest complained that they should be paid more.   The owner responded that he could do what he wanted with his money and anyway he had paid the early workers exactly what they had agreed.  The kingdom of heaven is like this.

I am glad it is.  I think of those who have not yet heard the good news.  I think of those who have not yet committed themselves to trust in Jesus.  I am grateful every day that these have yet another opportunity to say yes to the owner of the vineyard.  I don't think it bothers me a bit to think that those who say yes in their final moments will be sitting right up there with us at the feet of Jesus.  I think that heaven will be too marvelous to worry about things as petty as earthly equity.  Eternity will be too joy-filled to give any concern to heavenly rewards.  God's grace, mercy and love will be beyond our imagination to spend a single moment on earth worry about who has the most jewels in their crown.

What we should be concerned with is making sure that none are lost, that all have every opportunity to say yes to the Lord of the harvest.  Do you have friends or family who have not yet signed on?  Maybe today is the day to tell them about the marvel, the majesty that awaits those who sign on for the grandest harvest that any can imagine.

Hope you are having the most blessed day imaginable.

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