Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exodus 20-22

We are about to get to the Old Testament parts that sometimes causes people to lay their Bibles down.  I hope you won't give up....if God caused it to be written, there must be something of value in it for us.

Here are some of my ramblings, I hope there is something coherent in them that will be of value to you.
Chapter 20 is, of course, God telling his people how to be holy as he dictates the 10 commandments.  Remember that the New Testament reveals to us that the purpose of the Law was to reveal to us that we cannot be Holy in and of ourselves.  The law is too hard, we need a savior, one who is gracious and merciful.....thank God one has been provided.

In Chapter 21 the theory of restoration is introduced with the idea of Jubilee.  Every 7 years we will put things back like we found them.  The earth will rest, the slave will be set free.  21:5 speaks of a bond servant, one who freely gives himself up to his Master.  The apostle Paul speaks of himself as a bond servant in the New Testament and says that every Christian must become a Bond Servant to Jesus, freely giving ourselves up to his use.

Many of these laws are about restorative justice and also to put a limit to punishment.  The concept of an eye for an eye is about punishing in a fashion that does not exceed the offense; limiting retribution so the punishment fits the crime.  Jesus substitutes the law of love for this law of restorative justice.

21:32 speaks of the price of a slave as 30 pieces of silver.  Jesus is sold for 30 pieces of silver by Judas.  Jesus gave himself up for that price to free us from the slavery of sin.

Chapter 22 has many important concepts as God reminds the Jews not to become like Egypt.  Do not mistreat the alien.  Care for widows and orphans.  Do not mistreat the poor.  Even in the 2nd book of the Bible we see the outline of Matthew 25, caring for the least and the lost in the world...being food to the hungry, water to the parched, clothing to the naked, etc.

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  1. Thank you, Pastor, for adding these reflections to your daily schedule. I so look forward to them. As I’m reading, I think, “I wonder what Pastor will say about that” or “I’m going to ask about this.” You get it covered every time. Thanks for the encouragement and support to push through the rough spots. I admit, sometimes I wonder, “Why did God feel that we needed to know THIS?” I’m glad we have you along to shine the light on items that might’ve been missed.