Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Exodus 8-10

Just some random thoughts as I read today's scriptures:  This idea of a hardened heart is something that we should consider.  Does it happen because we refuse to acknowledge God's word and wisdom?  Does it happen gradually like a callous building on a finger or toe?  Is it irreversible or can the love of God as evidenced in the testimony and encouragement of a Godly friend soften and destroy the hardness?  Our prayer should always be that we have eyes to see and ears to hear and the courage to act on God's purposes that we might guard our hearts from the effects of hardening that can lead to a sure distruction.

Don't you find it interesting in the reading that whenever Pharaoh's magicians are called into action that the best that they can do is to replicate the evil....i.e. bloody water, frog infestation....but they cannot restore God's original intent.  Evil cannot produce good......only God and that which is good can do so.

In Chapter 9:16 God says to Moses that he has raised Pharaoh up for a purpose.  That reminds me of Queen Esther in the book by her name when she considers if God has raised her up for the particular purpose of saving the Jews from eradication.  What has God raised you up for?  Certainly, the scriptures tell us that God has a plan and a purpose for each of us.  To have that knowledge of purpose and to act upon that purpose provides a great sense of peace and security.

Pharaoh seeks to compromise with Moses and with God in Chapter 10.  God does not seek nor will he accept the compromises of man.  God wants us fully devoted....to recieve all of our hearts....only then can we worship in spirit and in truth and recieve the blessing that he has stored in heaven for us. 

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