Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leviticus 4-6

Another beautiful morning in Palm Desert California!!  Reading the weather for Grain Valley tells me that you are experiencing a warm day as well, but it looks like we will be flying home to another round of winter weather with snow and cold by Tuesday a.m.  I will be driving to Columbia Tuesday morning to do a couple of days work with the Board of Ordained Ministry, interviewing some very bright and capable young people as they prepare for ordination into the ministry of Jesus Christ and the United Methodist Church....praise God for his goodness in providing such gifted and capable young people to our church.

Mike has sent me a great looking bible site for those who would like to read and/or listen to the bible on line: 

Leviticus 4-6 is a section of the bible that reminds us how easy it is to sin.  All of these sin offerings are for sins that we commit that we are unaware of.  How easy it is for us to fall to the deceiver without even knowing it.  The world is filled with the failings of Adam and Eve and the encouragement of Satan.  God wants us to be aware that the Devil is like a roaring lion seeking (always) someone who has drifted away from the fold, waiting patiently to see whom he might devour.  Praying for forgiveness of sins of commission (things that we do) and sins of omission (things that we do not do that we should have) are part of this lesson.  Failing to speak up when we see evil or sin or failing to speak the truth (not becoming involved) are all listed as sins.  And sinning against our neighbor (who is our neighbor?) by not doing the right thing calls for us to restore our neighbor and then going to God to ask forgiveness.  When we sin against our neighbor there is two things we must do: make it right with neighbor and with God.

Short post, Patty & I are playing golf again today.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Have a great Sabbath!!!!   Enjoy the good words that my favorite daughter, Angela has for you: "a perfect savior for an imperfect world."

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