Saturday, June 11, 2011

As the Deer, Psalm 42

In all the times of our lives there is no better place than in the presence of God.  The psalmist tells us in 139 that there is no place that we can escape from God.  But the truth of our humanity is that we often ignore God's presence, even hide from his face.  When times are good, we go about our business like we have the world by the tail and it is all because of our wise decisions and superlative abilities.  When we are in the midst of our disobedience, we hide from God and ignore what we know to be true.  When there is no place to go but to God, it is then that we turn our face tentatively to ask God to intervene in our affairs and set them aright again.  The truth for the Christian should be that we are always seeking God's presence and to fine tune our spiritual sensibilities we should be practicing spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, bible reading and worship.  The more we know God, the more we will long to submit ourselves to his perfect will and way.

Like an animal that has exerted itself fully and is in search of the refreshing afforded by a clear mountain stream, so should we seek the refreshment that God offers to all who would be sheltered in his perfect love. "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God."  The soul which bears God's image is always seeking the Creator.  To deny God is to damage our inner being, the eternal piece of ourselves.  God feeds us, cools us, heals us, loves us, sustains us in every situation.  Seek God and know the peace that only he can provide.

Spent a day in Disney World with my grandchildren and an hour in the swimming pool.  I am feeling human again, but I hear them talking about going back early in the morning.  I am praying for good sleep to sustain me in all the fun that is ahead of me.  Hope you have a most God blessed day.

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