Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why hast thou forsaken me? Psalm 22

Another day at annual conference.  Richard and Cathy Sanderson drove down to Springfield to represent troop 310 ( Faith UMC sponsored troop) and to receive the highest award give by the United Methodist Church to a scout troop, the Bishop's Award.  It recognizes excellence in religious education by a troop.  We were proud to receive the award from Bishop Schnase.  Congratulations to our Boy Scout Troop!

We have heard a lot about the tornado tragedy in Joplin.  A special offering was taken during one of our sessions and $46,000 was received.  In addition, the Texas Conference sent a $25,000 check to support our relief efforts as well.  One of the Joplin pastors made a presentation to the Annual Conference.  It was very moving, much weeping for our brothers and sisters in Joplin.

David's 22nd psalm was written a time of great distress for David, but it would certainly describe the feelings of those who have endured the hardships that Joplin has, " My Go, my God why have you forsaken me?"  Have you ever felt like that?  You cry out to God in heaven, but it seems that God is silent.  You have seen the prayers of others answered, but God seems silent to your requests.  What do you do?  You walk by faith, you pray in faith, you live by that faith.  We who call ourselves Christian must believe the promises.  Righteousness will roll down like rain.  Justice will be restored.  The widows and orphans will be comforted.  The hungry will be satisfied.  Every tear shall be dried.  Cancer will be cured.  Heart disease will be conquered.  Families will be restored in love.  The day of the Lord will come and those who have lived by faith will rest in the land of milk and honey.  The kingdom of God will find us living in fellowship with one another and in cooperation with our Creator.

God has not forsaken us.  Just because we cannot see his hand at work in the moment does not mean that he is not shaping tomorrow with us in mind.  On the day of our restoration, we will see the driest of places produce beauty.  Can you imagine God's goodness on that day?  Can you feel the sweetness of God's grace.  God is even now at work restoring us to himself.  He may even being using us as part of that restoration.  Working in conjunction with God can help to usher in the Day of the Lord. Are you ready to do your part?

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