Tuesday, June 21, 2011

O God, You are my God Psalm 63

This psalm is thought to have been written by David when he was being pursued by his enemy.
As a child, I remember being separated from my parents on a return trip from the State Fair in Sedalia.  We had stopped for gas and my brothers and sisters exited the car to stretch our legs and burn some energy.  We started walking around the block.  About 1/2 way, I decided I would go back the way we came and beat my siblings to the car.  When I returned to the gas station, my brothers and sisters weren't their but neither was my Mom and Dad or the car.  They were gone and I was left behind!  My heart was filled with terror at the thought that with 7 brothers and sisters, my mom and dad might not miss me until they got back to the farm at Strasburg and finally counted heads.  What would I do?  I wanted nothing more than to see that old 55 plymouth station wagon and the faces of my parents.  I longed to see them and be with them again!!

That is the emotion of this psalm as David, in his exile, cries out to God.  "O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you."  Just as I longed for the security and safety of my parents, David longs for that same security in the presence of Yahweh, God eternal.  David expresses his longing in the most passionate of languages, "your love is better than life."  And he promise to worship and praise God in a variety of ways. 1. I will praise, 2. I will lift my hands, 3. I will sing, 4. I will remember.

Fear will be driven away by remembering God's goodness and praising his capability. Isn't it true for us as well?  When we fear, if we remember the many times God has delivered us, we will grow confident of his continued presence and power.  Our enemies will not be able to stand against the power of the one who loves us and keeps us.  Our troubles cannot compare to the glory of the one who lights the night sky and kisses the earth with the morning dew.  God reigns and his servants (you and me) should glory in all that he has done and will do.  O God, You are my God.  I long for you as a body in the desert longs for water.  Your love is better than life.  I will lift my voice in praise to your high and holy name.  God be praised on this day and every day until we are perfected in Christ.

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