Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blessed is the man Psalm 32

How often have you carried guilt with you and allowed it to keep you from enjoying the fullness of the life that God created us for?  Adam and Eve hid in the garden because of their guilt.  Sometimes we inflict pain on others because we are feeling guilty.  Psalm 32 tells us "Blessed is he (she) whose transgressions are forgiven."  Have you ever been in need of forgiveness?  Of course you have and so have I.  I remember being in trouble at school in the 8th grade.  It was a big deal in 1961 and I was carrying a really big load.  I remember most distinctly the afternoon when my Dad came to get me at school.  I met him in the hallway.  He had been talking to my teacher and the principal.  He knew my sin.  We met and he put his arms around me and told me that everything would be all right.  That is what I needed.  I needed someone bigger than me to tell me that it would be all right.

God stands ready to do that for us....he is ready to forgive our sin and bear our burden; freeing us to victorious and abundant life.  That doesn't mean that we won't have a civil penalty to pay, in my 8th grade case a little suspension time to pay, but to tell us that it will be all right, we can be forgiven.  Forgiveness makes all the difference.  We are restored in our relationship.  Have you sinned against a brother or sister; a spouse or a friend.....perhaps you need to ask for forgiveness.  Saying the words, "I am sorry" and promising to do what you need to do to make it right can lift terrible burdens from you heart.

Forgiveness frees us.  "Blessed is the man (or woman)whose sin the Lord does not count against him and in whose spirit is no deceit."  God forgives every confessed sin.  Try it.....go to God in prayer and confess the things that have been failures and see if you don't feel a little better.  Don't forget to apologize to the other human as well.....that might become a double blessing.

Patty and I are packing up for a wonderful family time (all of our children & grandchildren) and heading to the land of Mickey Mouse.  I'll try to keep up with my Bible reading and blogging while we are away.  Larry Chitwood will be in the pulpit as we celebrate Gideon Sunday.  Thanks for supporting Duane Rathbun with your presence last Sunday.  God Bless you in your coming and going this week.

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