Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Sould finds rest in God! Psalm 62

I laughed as I read this Psalm this morning.  Last night our 18 month old granddaughter, Micayla, slept with Patty and I.  She thrashes around a lot and can do physical damage to the unsuspecting, but on this night she was very tired from our day in Disney World.  She lay between us for a few minutes and then crawled onto my chest and then finally nestled her body between my arm and my body with her head resting on my shoulder.  In just a few moments she was sleeping soundly.  She had found her place of rest.  I tremble at the confidence that she has in her Grandpa.  One day she will know that I have feet of clay, but for right now, she finds rest with me.

David speaks of his confidence in God.....there is no other place that gives the assurance of rest.  The world is filled with unrest, our friends can forsake us, even our closes relationships can contain misunderstanding and heart, but God never forsakes.  He always cares, always loves, always seeks the best for us, always forgives, never grows weary of us.  He is a fortress that can never be shaken.

God gives strength to weak.  He gives comfort to those who sorrow.  He stands in the gap for us when we sometimes cower in fear.  He shadows us from the harshest of elements.  He is bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty and a cloak to those who find themselves naked before the storms of life.  His word is sure.  His promises are true.  He is our rock, our refuge. 

We would all do very well to commit his words to our hearts and walk carefully in the way that he leads us.  It is in that leading that we will know that we can never go astray.  It is the perfect way, the way that leads to the assurance of eternal peace and a life that makes a difference.

Looking forward to seeing you this Sabbath.  Don't forget to honor your Father this Sunday even if it is only in prayer.

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