Monday, June 13, 2011

The fool says, Psalm 53

"The fool says in his heart, 'there is no God'". 

Do you ever wonder what someone was thinking?  I know that I sure have.  Sometimes the things that make me wonder are simply a matter of personal taste.  For instance I saw a young lady here in Central Florida who was tattooed on nearly every observable part of her body and complimented the body art with several body piercings.  I wondered, "what was she thinking?"  But I know that we are simply removed by a couple of generations and view our bodies a little differently.  She could well have been a lovely young lady doing great work to the glory of the Lord. 

On the other hand when Harold Camping was spending millions to tell all who would listen that the world was coming to an end on May 21, I was wondering, "what was he thinking?"  My reading of the scriptures tells me clearly that "no man knows the day or hour".  Still, I am able to cut him some slack.  Others have made similar mistakes over the years.  My heart goes out to those who follow such false prophets, but still I know that they are trying to point others to God and a day of judgment that will come one day.

And then there are those who traffic in human misery.  People who have calloused their hearts toward God and the laws of love that he has called us to.  These people rob, cheat, rape, abuse, kill, slander and do every manner of evil that the human heart and mind can conceive.  They slander God.  The violate the creation.  They do evil to humanity.  One day they will be judged by one who knows only righteousness.  Theirs will be an awakening that will crumble their pride and vanity.  Their hearts will be chilled by an awareness that God is incredibly real.  They will suffer for the evil that they have committed.  Theirs will be a judgment that none of us will want to see.  They will rue the day that they said in their heart, "there is no God".  They will indeed be convicted of being terribly ignorant fools.

Pray for those who have shunned God and have sought to live in ways that harm God's creation and God's purpose for humanity.

The sun of Central Florida did us in today.  Six hours at Disney's Epcot Center was all we could handle.  The kids might have done more, but the adults were toast.  we have greatly enjoyed our 5 grandchildren on this vacation.  Each one is a special gift from God.  They are unique creations.  One of our prayers is that God would be so gracious to us that we might live to see the fruit in their lives.  Like any doting grandparent, we believe that God has gifted them to do great and mighty works.  We pray that their lives will bring glory to God.  Hope your week is filled with God's very best.

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