Monday, June 6, 2011

God from the perspective of a Child, Psalm 30

I find Psalm 30 to be most interesting as David speaks to God as a child might speak to their parent. He expresses great confidence in God's love; his anger does not last because his love is pervasive.  Isn't that a good, good thing.  Even in our failure, God does not abandon us.  In the Wesleyan way, we call this prevenient Grace.  No matter how far we wander, God's love follows, pursues us and in the moment that we turn and reach for God....he is there.  What a wonderful promise is contained in this chapter, "our sorrow may remain for the night, but joy comes in the morning.  God's love is never far away!

And then there is the petulant child appealing to the parent, asking to be spared the punishment that he deserves.  "what gain is there in my destruction?  Will the dust praise you?"  Hear our prayer for mercy and grace and restore us to your blessing.  It is a prayer that we have all uttered.  God do not give us what we have earned, but treat us as your loving child.  Restore us to your side.  Do this, heavenly father, and I will sing your praises for ever.  Certainly God deserves our eternal praises, but don't get smug when everything seems to be coming up roses.  There is a deceiver who is looking for those that he can topple.  Be vigilant in your prayers, your devotions and your service.  Remain humble in your walk and know that God will preserve you by the power of his breath.

We are home from Annual Conference.  It was a good 4 days.  Important stuff accomplished.  I am glad to be yoked to our Bishop.  Bishop Schnase exhibits a great love for God and calls us all to greater service in the name of Jesus.  The Missouri Conference received an award from the United Methodist Committee on Relief for our great generosity in serving those who had suffered tragedy....more than $2,000,000 given above and beyond our regular apportionments.  Faith is a part of that generous spirit.  Our scout troop (310) was given the Bishop's Award, the highest honor a Methodist Troop can receive from the church.  Oh yeah, I was appointed to Faith for another year.  God is good.  I think I will stop and give thanks for his goodness.  Hope you do the same.

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