Saturday, June 25, 2011

from cradle to grave....Psalm 71

We do not know the author of this psalm, but we can see that he is growing old and asking God to be with him in the closing years of his life. 

This last week, I was a part of two funerals.  Both men had died to young, both of cancer, one 69 and the other 73.  They had led good lives, left loving family and a rich heritage.  As we grow old and begin to face our mortality, we, too, should consider our legacy.....that which we leave that speaks of our days upon the earth.

The psalmist gives thanks to God for his life, for delivering him from his mother's womb.  Life is to be cherished.  It is a gift from God and every day should be lived in thankfulness to the author of life.  Every day, every year of our lives, is a season that should be filled with thankfulness.  Certainly, as my young friends will learn, it seems that some of the things that we deal with in our older years are not golden, but still life is to be treasured and each season of life reveals something new for us to marvel at.

The prayer of the psalmist is that God would keep him thankful and that righteousness would forever be his mantra and the testimony of his days.  The song of our hearts that escapes from our lips should always be of praise to our heavenly Father.....he is always good.  Even when our days are filled with hardship, and our coming and going is more difficult, still God is good.

As we grow older, the litany of God's goodness should also grow longer.  We have more experiences, more wisdom, more opportunity to see God at work in our lives and in the world.  Our testimony should be richer, fuller, more confident.  Our love should be more steadfast and our praise more constant.

One day we will breath our last on this side of eternity, but our confidence is in the one who is master of both mortal and immortal.  It is in him that we have our life, our breath, our faith and our hope.  His promises are true and in the infirmity of our final days, it is that faith and that assurance that we should testify to.  God has made a way and even when our steps grow feeble and frail, we will walk in that way and speak boldly of all the goodness that we have experienced in service to the King.

Praying that you will experience a holy moment on this Sabbath Day and that it will kindle a new song in your heart.....a song of God's goodness.

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